Saturday, April 14, 2018

Pain, anguish, and more pain trying to lose 20 lbs

2018.03.02 151.4 lbs <— start
2018.04.05 135.8 lbs
? 130 lbs <--- goal

15.6 lbs lost in 34 days = 0.46 lbs a day

Food intake throughout one day: 

9am coffee with cream and sugar
…. starve @[email protected]
11:30am if I am working out - 1 bagel with cream cheese and Nutella on one side, peanut butter on the other
… workout at noon if possible
4pm 2 thin wafer cookies
4:30pm 1 shot of whisky
6pm half glass of juice
7pm remaining half glass of juice
8pm bowl of food, usually half the amount of a norma dinner
... more content coming 🤔

Here are some of the things I ate everyday on the way down

weight gain or loss from the previous night, weight after waking up, food intake for the day
145.2 Bagel, orange juice, coffee, vegetable juice, banana, oatmeal, chia seeds, rice ball
-0.6 144.6 coffee, oatmeal, orange, ribs dinner
-1 143.6 Coffee, oatmeal, juice, beef stew and fried rice, 2 wafer cookies
-0.4 143.2 Coffee, bagel, breadstick, tea, few bites from dinner
-2 141.2
---> didn't track food intake for a few days
137.6 Coffee, bagel, orange, chia seeds, 2 bites pizza, oatmeal, pumpkin seeds, Indian cracker, beef stew, cheese cake, wine
+2 139 Bagel, coffee, 2 oranges, wine, juice, 1 bite chicken
-1 138 Coffee, 3 pirogies, orange, thousand layer waffer cookie
-0.4 137.6 Coffee, bagel, orange, half glass juice
-1.8 135.8 Coffee, bagel, juice, 3/4 of Japanese curry dinner, grappa
-0.4 135.4 Coffee, bagel, juice, chips, 1 shot liquor, jerk chicken and ribs dinner
+1.4 136.8 Coffee, bagel, half juice, wafer cookies, pumpkin seeds, tea, grappa, orange, broccoli
-1 135.8 Coffee, bagel, juice, tea, chia seeds, wafer cookie, small glass wine, 6 piece sushi, salad, soup, few bites of cheesecake
+0.8 136.6 Coffee, bagel, 6 piece sushi, 2 egg rolls, perogee, oatmeal, orange
+0.2 136.8 Coffee, grappa, juice, fried rice, 6 piece sushi
-0.6 136.2 Coffee, egg roll, juice, orange, angel highball, wafer cookie
-1.2 135 Coffee, chocolate chip cookie, glass of wine, juice, half pork chop dinner, 3 bites of cheesecake
+0.6 135.6 Coffee, bagel, grappa, juice, 1 piece fried chicken, 1 bite pasta
-1.8 133.8 Coffee, bagel, half juice, huge breakfast (eggs, bacon, potatoes, toast, biscuit), wafer cookies, grappa
0 133.8 Coffee, bagel, juice, one bowl of seafood fusilli
-0.2 133.6 coffee, bagel, grappa, juice, orange

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